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As a psychologist in clinical practice for over 30 years I have learned to take a present rather than a past-oriented approach to therapy:

- What do you want to happen NOW?

- What steps do you need to take to achieve these goals?

- What stands in your way?

- How does your understanding of your past (positive or negative) help and/or hinder your desires in the present?

- How do you want to see the trajectory of your life unfolding?

- How do you imagine your life ending?

- In the time you have left what are the things that matter most to you: your relationships, your family, the things you have accomplished with your life, or things that are still left undone or unsaid?

I want to to work with people who are asking these questions - individuals and/or couples who have a serious commitment to making both their personal and professional lives more effective and rewarding.

If you are such a person or couple, please contact me and we can discuss whether this is lifework you are interested in pursuing.

I am also a frequent lecturer and keynote speaker, a consultant to businesses on issues ranging from leadership skills to anger management, sexual harassment, and Alpha Males in the workplace, and an ardent advocate for disability rights and issues of infertility.

The issues that are of the greatest concern for me, parenting, mediation, kindredness, childhood and adolescence, men in midlife, fatherhood, sexuality, infertility and adoption, have evolved over the years, and reflect a wide range of human experience.

I enjoy sharing what I have learned by writing articles for professional publications, and by being available for radio and television interviews. My doctorate in psychology is complemented by an MBA in marketing, a combination that supports and contributes to my integrated approach to therapy, teaching, and life.


Men's Issues

Since the 1960's when I became involved in men's conscious raising groups and became a member of the National Organization of Women, I have had a compelling interest in the changing and evolving role of men in our society. Since that time, I have become 40 years older.  As a man now in his 60's, I bring with me long personal, professional, and business experience to my therapy practice.

The many layers of competition, conflict and the eternal struggle to balance the demands of work and home life make up a significant core of my work and interest with men, now, for over 30 years.

Aging Well

An emerging aspect of my practice is the issues of aging. Professionally, mentally, physically and sexually – men are challenged in new, confusing, exciting, even frightening ways. I have a strong interest in taking this journey with men.  Some of us are in the middle years or beyond in life's adventure. 

Sexuality and Sex Therapy

In the early 1970's I was an intern and later a faculty member of the University of California's Human Sexuality Program in San Francisco. Since that time I have taught workshops on Human Sexuality, Sex Therapy, Sex and Disability Sex and Medical  Conditions, and Sex and Aging. I have done this for both the lay and professional community. Recently I completed a series of workshops for the public on Sex and Aging as well as Men, Midlife, and Sexuality. As you may gather, sexual issues have been an integral part of my therapy practice for over 35 years.


I am one half of an infertile couple. My wife and I ultimately resolved our infertility thru adoption. That was over 30 years ago. Since that time I have been involved in counseling infertile couples as well individuals and couples seeking to relinquish a child for adoption. My wife and colleague, Dr. Mary Rodocker (who works extensively with IVF, egg donors, and mother's seeking to relinquish thru adoption), have been extensively involved in the infertility community.

My wife (also a clinical psychologist), intimately understands the issues and challenges of infertility. We bring this personal as well as professional experience to our work with individuals and couples struggling with issues of infertility, adoption or relinquishment.